Monday, May 22, 2006

A freeware for all those who are interested in chemistry...

Recently I was going through a site and saw a freeware which reminds me of my school days.
A Periodic Table v2.5 software. For people who have studied chemistry, they would definitely know the use of periodic table.

Here is some details about the application:

Periodic Table is an application containing all the elements of the Periodic Table along with images of the elements in their natural state.

Features include:
Detailed information on each element
Images for each element (126 images in total)
Graphs of important element properties
Biographies for the element discoverers
Interactive display allows you to view the states of the elements at any temperature (from 0 - 6000k)
XP style support
Search through all of the element, biography, isotope and glossary pages.
Electron shell diagrams of each element
Atomic width diagram
Element names and the majority of the applications buttons are now available in eight different languages. Unfortunately there is just too much text for me to translate (92000+ words).

Can be downloaded for free:

Good work ... Paul.

Thats it for today.........
set course for the next "post"..., Engage!!!

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